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Dr Enass K. Abo-Hamed

Dr Enass  K. Abo-Hamed

Research Associate


Enass Abo-Hamed is available for consultancy.


A research associate at the Chemistry Department, University Energy Champion, CEO at H2GO power ltd; a spin-out company founded in July 2014 based on a scientific findings during her PhD research. Enass completed her PhD in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and obtained her BSc. And MSc. degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In addition to 8-years research experience in Hydrogen production, nanotechnology, catalysis and clean energy production and storage, Enass is particularly passionate about entrepreneurship. 

She has a successful track record in building strong relationships with potential identified collaborators/partners, specialists and financiers in the clean-energy field.

Departments and Institutes

Department of Chemistry:

Research Interests

 Her research concerns involves the development of novel catalytic material at the nano-scopic scale. Mainly, metals such Ruthenium, Gold, Palladium and Platinum and their stabilisation using the art of supramolecular chemistry in different approaches: in solution and further stabilisations through capture and immobilisation into tunable solid supports. 


  • Efficiency
  • Chemistry
  • Storage
  • Materials