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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Each of the Technology Focus Areas and Cross-Cutting Themes is coordinated by an academic Energy Lead, who support the Energy IRC initiative.


Technology Focus Area: Supply Technology Focus Area: Conversion
Focus Area Lead Focus Area Lead
Bioenergy Prof. Paul Dupree Engines and Turbines Prof. Simone Hochgreb
Fossil Fuels, Carbon Capture and Storage Prof. Andy Woods Energy Storage Prof. Clare Grey
Nuclear Energy Mr Tony Roulstone Networks and Distribution Prof. Gehan Amaratunga
Photovoltaics Prof. Judith Driscoll Sustainable Reaction Engineering Prof. John Dennis



Technology Focus Area: Demand Cross-cutting Themes
Focus Area Lead Focus Area Lead
Buildings and Cities Prof. Koen Steemers Materials and Chemistry Prof. Lindsay Greer
Manufacturing Prof. Mike Gregory Smart Systems and Device Design Dr. Andy Rice
Transport Prof. Nick Collings Energy Efficiency Prof. David Cardwell
    Resource Dynamics Prof. Julian Allwood
    Economics, Policy and Risk Professor Michael Pollitt