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Dr. Alex Chin

Dr. Alex Chin

Winton Advanced Research Fellow


Bioenergy:Photosynthesis, primary photophysics, quantum effects in biology, functional biological nanostructure, theoretical modelling and data analysis.

Photovoltaics: ultrafast quantum dynamics in organic solar cells, energy transport, charge separation, fundamental (non-equilibirum) thermodynamics of nanostructured solar cells.

Energy efficiency: Quantum thermodynamics of molecular machines, nanoscale design of energy harvesting (light, heat) materials and microscopic transduction into useful forms or to power processes and reactions.

Materials and chemistry: Photo-induced reactions or mechanical motion, photocatalysis, bio-hybrid and self-reproducing materials.

Departments and Institutes

Department of Physics:


  • Efficiency
  • Bioenergy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Materials
  • Chemistry