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Winner of the first RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding Practice-located Research 2007, RIBA President’s Commendation for Outstanding University-located Research 2009


Short’s research group develops passive and hybrid low-energy design strategies for non-domestic buildings in different climates, new-build and rebuild, projecting their future performance against current climate change predictions. As such, the focus is on cooling.

Recent projects include the Arts and Humanities Research Council major project (£350K) DeDEPA 2004-08; National Institute of Health Research funded (£285K) Design Strategy for the Low-energy Ventilation and Cooling of Health Buildings (2005-08), NHS funded (£180K) Low Energy Public Sector Comparator 2008-present (NIHR funded from late 2009); Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council major project in the Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Call (£1.15 million) Design and Delivery of Robust Hospital Environments in a Changing Climate 2009-2012. Short et al authored the Arts Council of England/UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment guidance for Capital Arts Projects ‘Building Excellence for the Arts’ 2009.

Professor of Architecture
Professor C. Alan  Short
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