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His research activities focus on the politics of market reform in developing countries, industrial organisation and labour relations, federalism and public goods provision, energy security, transport infrastructure development, foreign direct investment, political risk analysis, and regional and urban-rural distributive issues in the process of urbanisation. He is working on a book on the corporatisation of large Chinese state-owned enterprises into shareholding concerns in the late 1990s, using the case study of national oil and petrochemical companies to examine the political and macroeconomic conditions that enabled a radical reorganisation of the commanding heights, and the ensuing legacy of contentious state-market relations.


Key publications: 
  • “Governing Chinese National Oil Corporations: From Administrative to Corporate Hierarchy.” In Linda Yueh, ed., Enterprising China: Business, Economics and Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
  • “Regulating Power without a Five Year Plan: Institutional Changes in the Chinese Power Sector” [with Mika Purra and Hui Lin] in Darryl Jarvis, et al, ed., Infrastructure Regulation: What Works, Why, and How Do We Know it? Lessons from Asia and Beyond. London: Routledge, 2011.
  • “Transforming the Wage Regime in Chinese Oilfields and Refineries: A Network Organizational Analysis.” In S. Kuruvilla, M. Gallagher, and C.K. Lee. ed., From Iron-Rice Bowl to Informalization: Markets, State and Workers in a Changing China. Cornell University Press, 2011.
Dr. Kun-Chin  Lin
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