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Key publications: 

M. Bickle, A. Chadwick, H.E. Huppert, M. Hallworth, S. Lyle (2007) Modelling carbon dioxide accumulation at Sleipner: Implications for underground carbon storage, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 255, 164–176.

S. Lyle, H.E. Huppert, M. Hallworth, M. Bickle, A. Chadwick (2005) Axisymmetric gravity currents in a porous medium, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 543, 293-302.

Kampman, N. and Bickle, M. J. and Becker, J. A. and Assayag, N. and Chapman, H. J. (2009) Feldspar dissolution kinetics and Gibbs free energy dependence in a CO2-enriched groundwater system, Green River, Utah. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 284 (3-4). p. 473.

Assayag, N. and Bickle, M. J. and Kampman, N. and Becker, J. A. (2009) Carbon isotopic constraints on CO2 degassing in cold-water Geysers, Green River, Utah. Energy Procedia, 1 (1). pp. 2361-2366.

Professor of Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics
Professor Mike  Bickle
Available for consultancy