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Malcolm Bolton was Professor of Soil Mechanics at Cambridge University and Director of the Schofield Centre for Geotechnical and Construction Modelling from its establishment in 2001 until his retirement in 2013. He graduated in Engineering from Cambridge in 1967, took an MSc by research in structures from Manchester University in 1969, and then joined Andrew Schofield at UMIST in founding the first UK centre for geotechnical centrifuge modelling. He became a lecturer in geotechnical engineering at UMIST in 1970, published his textbook A Guide to Soil Mechanics in 1979, but returned to Cambridge in 1980 where he took a PhD, ultimately following Schofield as the Director of the Cambridge Geotechnical Centrifuge Centre. He has written over 330 published papers on a wide variety of topics, holds a number of prizes and awards, and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2012 he gave the 52nd Rankine Lecture on the topic of Performance-Based Design in Geotechnical engineering. He also gave the 1st Andrew Schofield lecture in 2013, with the title Centrifuge Modelling - Expecting the Unexpected.


He is concerned with the material origins of soil deformability, and its expression both in element tests and in the geo-structural deformation mechanisms that control the design of safe and serviceable facilities on and in the ground, onshore and offshore. 

Retired Professor of Soil Mechanics
Professor Malcolm  Bolton
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