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Mr. Michael H. Ramage

Mr. Michael H. Ramage

University Senior Lecturer

Michael Ramage is available for consultancy.

Office Phone: +44 1223 760 121


Michael H. Ramage has a degree in architecture from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and currently teaches structural engineering in the Architecture Department at Cambridge University in England. Prior to studying architecture, he had a Fulbright Fellowship to Turkey to study geology and archaeology.  He is one of the designers of the masonry vaulting for the Mapungubwe Interpretive Centre in South Africa which won the World Building of the Year award in 2009. He also designed the domes for the Pines Calyx, the first Guastavino-style vault to rise in the United Kingdom, and the 20-meter span vault for Crossway, one of Europe’s lowest-energy houses.  His recent work includes The Bowls Project, a contemporary architecture and music installation at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco and The Earth Pavilion, built for HRH Prince Charles’s START Festival London 2010.

Research themes

Buildings and Cities:

Structural and material efficiency, low-energy materials, novel engineered timber

Materials and Chemistry:
Energy Efficiency:

Structural and material efficiency, low-energy materials, novel engineered timber

Departments and Institutes

Department of Architecture:
University Lecturer in Architectural Engineering


  • Efficiency
  • Buildings
  • Materials

Key Publications

Ramage, M., Ochsendorf, J. and Rich, P.  Sustainable Shells: New African vaults built with soil-cement tiles, Journal of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures, December 2010.

Ramage, MH, J. Ochsendorf, P. Rich, J.K. Bellamy, P. Block. Design and Construction of the Mapungubwe National Park Interpretive Centre, South Africa,” African Technology Development Forum Special Issue: architecture and Development, October 2010.