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Prof. Marga Jann

Research themes

Energy Storage:

Energy storage and savings in buildings through the incorporation of Trombe walls (or standard solar walls) and solar water walls in design.

Buildings and Cities:

Urban and cultural planning issues including sensible energy production and use on rooftops (such as solar power), in cities in the tropics and the developing world (e.g. The Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Cyprus).

Smart Systems and Device Design:

Specific interest in how shelter and infrastructure can adapt to accommodate mass migration, through building on big data, smart systems and analyzing satellite imagery, while considering the socio-cultural implications of displacement, homelessness, and natural as well as man-made disaster. Additionally, I am exploring and testing smart systems (e.g. CEDIA) for energy use and regulation in buildings and architectural design--for example, to automatically open and close shutter systems to regulate light and direct solar rays, as well as investigating lightning as a possible energy generator (in Bolivia) and related smart detection systems.

Users, Consumers and Social Frameworks:

As I work 'in the field' across the globe exploring and introducing alternative energy for small island tropical states and large-scale sustainable post-disaster reconstruction, social and cultural frameworks and user-friendliness are critical concerns.

Policy, Economics and Risk:

Working through and implementing government policies, funding and risk (along with navigating corruption, in some instances) in effecting new energy technologies and strategies comprise a good deal of the architect and planner's research focus.

Departments and Institutes

Department of Sociology:

Research Interests

Energy & Sustainable Architecture, Architectural Education, International Development, Urban Design & Sociology/Anthropology, Arts, Theology & the Environment, Climate Change, Recreational Solar Parks


  • Buildings
  • Risk
  • Climate Change
  • Users and Consumers
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Anthropology
  • Sustainability
  • Social Frameworks