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Dr Ottavio Croze

Dr Ottavio Croze

Winton Advanced Research Fellow

Ottavio Croze is available for consultancy.


PhD Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh
PDRA, Biological Physics, University of Edinburgh
PDRA, Mathematical Biology, University of Glasgow
EPSRC researcher co-investigator, Plant Metabolism, University of Cambridge

Departments and Institutes

Department of Physics:

Research Interests

I am interested in swimming microorganisms, and in particular bacteria and algae.

Biophysical considerations on swimming have the potential to improve the efficiency of promising sustainable biotechnologies. My research centers around two such technologies: (1) bioremediation: the removal of pollutants from soil using bacteria; (2) photobioreactors: devices to grow algae to make useful bioproducts (including energetic compounts such as lipids and hydrogen), while recycling greenhouse gases and waste. I use a combination of mathematical modelling and experiments to solve problems inspired by these applications, such as the growth dynamics of gyrotactic algal species in air-lift photobioreactors.


  • Sustainability
  • bioenergy
  • Efficiency
  • Pollution
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

Key Publications

M. A. Bees & O. A. Croze, Mathematics for streamlined biofuel production from unicellular algae, Biofuels 5 53-65 (2014)

O. A. Croze, G. Sardina, M. Ahmed, M. A. Bees & L. Brandt Dispersion of swimming algae in laminar and turbulent channel flows: consequences for photobioreactors, J. R. Soc. Interface 10 20121041 (2013)

O. A. Croze, G. P. Ferguson, M. E. Cates & W. C. K. Poon, Migration of chemotactic bacteria in soft agar: role of gel concentration, Biophys. J. 101 525-534 (2011)

My full publication list (including preprints) can be found on my Research Gate page