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Interdisciplinary Research Centre


B.A.(Hons), Natural Science, Chemistry, University College, Oxford University (1982–1986).

Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Department, Oxford University (1986–1989).

Structure and Dynamics of Adsorbed Layers by X-ray and Neutron Scattering.


My research addresses the fundamental interactions that determine the structure and dynamics of polymer, colloidal and interfacial systems. I contribute to this field by applying a combination of novel physical techniques and approaches to provide previously unobtainable information. Current research interests include; the adsorption, wetting and mixing behaviour of small molecules, particularly those showing non-ideal and complexation behaviour, and polymers at the solid–vapour and solid–solution interfaces; the structure and rheology of concentrated colloidal dispersions, emuslions and pastes of spherical and anisotropic particles under external fields; the wetting behaviour of species at the water/oil/rock interface and the behaviour of species involved in lubrication, friction modification, corrosion and wear.

Professor of Surface Science
Dr. Stuart  Clarke
Not available for consultancy