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EPSRC Fellowships – Energy priority areas - ongoing

EPSRC’s Capability and Challenge Themes went through an initial exercise of prioritising the areas in which fellowships will be offered. This is an on-going process and priority areas are be updated on a regular basis through the biannual process as detailed at on-going refresh of fellowship priority areas. Fellowships are available in a number of priority areas and can be submitted at any time and processed on a rolling basis. Current Energy  

Current energy priority areas (as at March 2014):

  • Bioenergy (Postdoctoral and Early Career fellowships)
  • End-Use Energy Demand (Postdoctoral and Early Career fellowships)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) (Early Career and Established Career fellowships)
  • Marine Energy research (Early Career and Established Career fellowships)
  • Offshore Wind research (Early and Established Career fellowships)
  • Energy Networks (Postdoctoral and Early Career fellowships)
  • Energy Storage (Postdoctoral and Early Career fellowships)
  • Nuclear Fission (Postdoctoral and Early Career fellowships)
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (Early and Established Career fellowships)
  • Solar Energy (Postdoctoral and Early Career Fellowships o)


The EPSRC encourages interested applicants to get in touch and discuss their plans!   Click here for further details