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Call for NERC Knowledge Exchange and Directed Knowledge Exchange Fellows – deadline 6 May 2014

Open call for NERC Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellows

NERC wishes to award up to four fellowships for those who come forward with a work plan of their own choosing to generate impact from NERC-funded research in their host institution.

Applications for KE Fellowships should focus on accelerating and amplifying economic impact and improvements in the quality of life from NERC-funded research through working with business, NGOs or government bodies. This could include:

  • strengthening existing partnerships
  • developing new relationships leading to collaborative projects
  • researching new market opportunities
  • providing case studies of knowledge exchange from NERC-funded research
  • providing briefings and reports suitable for policymakers

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Call for Directed Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellowships

Directed Knowledge Exchange Fellowships work on a topic or with a business sector that has been determined by the NERC community as needing a dedicated person to accelerate the impact of NERC funded science. The rules and eligibility are the same as Open KE Fellowships with the exception that Directed Knowledge Exchange Fellowships have their overheads paid to their host institution in the same way that Research Fellowships do. This is because Directed KE Fellows work across the NERC community and their host institution may not receive any direct benefit.

More details on these opportunities can be found at

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), in partnership with the Future Cities Catapult (the Catapult), is seeking to recruit a Knowledge Exchange Fellow tasked with meeting the need of the Cities-Lab to access the UK environmental science base.

The KE Fellow will enable the Future Cities Catapult to accelerate access to the knowledge, skills and data sets generated and held by the NERC community allowing their Cities-Lab to maximise its capability in developing environmental perspectives on future cities challenges. It is anticipated that, through NERC connections, the KE Fellow will also play a key brokerage role with respect to facilitating access to environmental data sets and sources for the broader actors represented by the Environmental Science to Services Partnership (ESSP) for use in the Cities-Lab projects.

The oil and gas sector is vital to the UK economy and a key sector for economic growth. As part of developing a broader, strategic approach to mapping and engaging the sector, including identifying future opportunities and approaches to engagement, we are looking to enable new partnerships and collaborations between researchers and the oil and gas industry and to build on existing partnerships and collaborations through a range of approaches.

NERC is very keen to enhance the impact of its investments and to better demonstrate these impacts. We are therefore looking for a Knowledge Exchange Fellow to work toward achieving this goal. Applications are welcomed on a part time basis (between 50% and 80% FTE) for up to three years.

Applicants for the Oil and Gas Fellowship and the IODP Fellowship will be interviewed by the same panel.


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