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Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR)

The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) produces interdisciplinary scholarly research to identify and assess policies that reduce the risks of climate change while allowing for global economic development. We do this through the study of both mitigation and adaptation, using a combination of tools from economic, energy, environmental and legal analysis. We also work with public and private sector organisations to apply our research to apply our research in facilitating design and adoption of effective policies and practices.
Grand Challenges
Our work is addressing 7 Grand Challenges in climate policy:
  1. Advancing the evidence base for relationships and feedback between economies, greenhouse gases and climate risks
  2. Understanding the forces that drive transitions to low carbon energy supplies
  3. Relating climate mitigation and adaptation to public health concerns
  4. Marshalling the law to improve the success of climate policies and projects
  5. Facilitating community scale energy efficiency improvements of the built environment
  6. Mapping the road to business involvement in global climate solutions
  7. Responding through adaptation to a changing climate when and where it is upon us
Thematic Areas
These Grand Challenges are met through research organised around six thematic areas that combine science and social science insights:
  • Energy systems modelling
  • Economics of climate change
  • Integrated climate impact assessment
  • Supply chains and input-output models
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Conservation, development and sustainable land use
We are part of the Department of Land Economy of the University of Cambridge. Hence our work combines the perspectives of the faculty of the Department: economics, ecology, law, planning, finance, environmental policy, risk assessment, spatial analysis, land and property management.
We are both a centre with its own staff and a centre of activity within the Department of Land Economy, drawing on the intellectual perspectives and work of all of the faculty and students of that department. Through our Affiliates programme, we also bring in the expertise of researchers from throughout the University of Cambridge and elsewhere, serving as a coordinator for climate policy research, teaching and engagement at the University of Cambridge. 

In addition to research, the staff of 4CMR provide modules in the MPhil programme of the Department, supervise undergraduate, MPhil and PhD student dissertations, and engage with policy makers and thought leaders around issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation.