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Calls and Forthcoming Events



Sourcing Data for UK Plastics Flow - 30 October  2019

This workshop will bring together holders of plastics data to create a UK map of plastic material flows, and to ensure the best data available is used in a new UK dynamic plastics model. The workshop will also be used to explore options for improving the tracking of plastic flows in post-consumer waste and recycling processes.

If you would like more information please contact Dr Jonathan Cullen ( or Dr Andre Serrenho (


The Social Life of Plastics - 7-8 November 2019

This workshop will explore the social life of plastic and seeks contributions from a range of disciplines including but not limited to anthropology, sociology, area studies, STS, history, economics, linguistics and geography. Of particular interest are the entanglements between humans and non-humans that plastics bring about; the problematisation of plastics in the public sphere; pollution, contamination and toxicity; citizen science; and the enrolment of plastics in circular and ethical economies.

The workshop is on 7-8 November 2019. If you would like more information please visit to register contact Dr Teresa Perez (


Workshop on Towards Sustainable Drinks Packaging: Exploring the Relative Impact of Materials - 20 November 2019

The event will build on what is currently known of the impacts, how we address the gaps and what more is required to support long-term strategic decision-making towards achieving the vision set out in our report, Towards Sustainable Packaging. It is open to stakeholders from across the value chain, especially those who are directly involved in, or who are able to influence, the packaging material decision-making process.

As places are limited, please use this link to register your interest by Monday 11 November. Contact: Beverley Cornaby (


The Circular Economy: More than a Buzzword? - 5 December 2019

Many of us want to contribute towards a greener society: we want to recycle more, use less plastic and toss less food into our bins. This push towards sustainability is increasingly linked to the concept of circular economy, a vision of a world in which we efficiently use, reuse and regenerate materials instead of throwing them away. But what exactly does circular economy really mean?

Join Prof. Khaled Soufani of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School as he delves into the concept of circular economy, what it means for you, and what the university is doing to turn it into reality. The lecture will be followed by an exhibition featuring interactive demos and information on research being conducted at Cambridge University to combat plastic waste and encourage circularity and sustainability. Contact: Taylor Uekert (