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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

By Diana Scarborough - Conference Artist in Residence



I was invited to be the Conference Artist-In-Resident for the Data Science and AI for Sustainability conference 2022, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Energy and C2D3. This conference aimed to bring together academics, industrialists and policymakers to share their research, identify new opportunities and discuss areas where further collaborative work is required to decarbonise the energy sector. 

Throughout the conference, I listened to the panel discussions and talked with speakers and delegates during the breaks. I saw it as a proactive RETHINKING of our energy future, identifying problems and proposing ideas and solutions through innovation, informed by research, experiences and knowledge of their sectors. My ‘take away’ is that it is complicated by the human, cultural and economic interrelated factors and the need for a people-centric approach informed by location and situation is key. AI can play a strong role but there remains a conflict with data privacy.



My art response is positive one that reflects the mood of the day, as an interdisciplinary rethinking identifying a need and also a reminder to think globally and that sound technical solutions do exist but implementation may be slow for eco-political reasons.


Data Science and AI for Sustainability - An Artist's Response from Diana Scarborough.


Diana Scarborough is a Cambridge-based artist creating multi-disciplinary works that intersects art, technology, history and the environment. Referencing scale and time, data, ecology and the invisible sciences, her time-based collaborative practice reveals a bias towards process, visualisation and performance. Working directly with scientists she is able to understand the context of their research trajectory and outcomes with true understanding as she is also an engineer. Processes and implications of space weather, nanoparticle activity, historical developments of technology with social-economic implications all feature in works that highlight the unseen, the forgotten or global concerns transformed by a curiosity-led art lens.

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