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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

CAMIES internal funding call:


Facilities access support for the use of Henry Royce Institute equipment at the University of Cambridge


The EPSRC Centre of Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES) will provide funding to support access to shared equipment facilities by its member institutions. Up to £20 k of funding is available in total per year, hence awards are expected to be in the range of £1 k to £4 k. 


CAM-IES invites investigators from the four member institutions (University of Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, UCL, Newcastle University) to submit proposals for award of this flexible funding, to provide access to the newly-installed Henry Royce Institute facilities at the University of Cambridge.


The Cambridge Royce facilities focus on the theme of Materials for Energy-Efficient ICT, and comprise equipment suites dedicated to the study of advanced energy materials and related ICT technologies.


Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year until 31 December 2019, and proposals will be reviewed every two months.


Applicants may submit a proposal of no more than one page to Lata Sahonta Please include details of:


•Project structure e.g. aims, objectives, deliverables
•Facilities access required, including estimated cost
•How the project demonstrates synergy between energy materials topics
•Impact of the project on current energy technologies
•Discussion with Royce technical staff about experimental design and risk assessments is required prior to submission.
•Applications must be signed by a Royce academic lead and/or an appropriate member of Royce technical staff. 



You can download the call guidelines as a pdf here: pdf.jpg

You can download the Cambridge Royce facilities brochure as a pdf here:  


You can download the application form as a MS Word file here:  


Facilities Access Proposal Guidelines


  • Academic investigators may be from any CAM-IES member institution (University of Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, UCL, Newcastle University)
  • Equipment access costs and small consumables directly related to the project may be requested. Typical consumables costs should amount to no more than one quarter of access costs, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Reasonable travel and subsistence costs (for applicants not based at Cambridge University) can also be requested.   
  • Applicants need not have had prior collaboration with CAM-IES
  • Projects must be within the scope of the CAM-IES Work Package topics (or a related topic within the field of energy technologies)
  • Postdocs and students may use the equipment. If a postdoc is the lead applicant, they must apply with an academic co-investigator.
  • Applications for ongoing facilities access will be considered, although new projects and collaborations are encouraged
  • Projects that demonstrate cross-fertilisation between two or more CAM-IES Work Package topics are strongly encouraged 
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of CAM-IES co-investigators
  • Approved costs may be claimed back on presentation of receipts. Equipment charges will be paid directly to research facilities by CAM-IES. 
  • After completion of experiments, applicants are asked to provide a short paragraph of how the equipment was used, or a link to any relevant (open access)publications
  • All instrument usage that is funded by CAM-IES must be acknowledged in publications using the grant codes below


Cambridge Royce facilities and charges (April 2018 to February 2019)


Royce Equipment and Related Suites

Academic Lead contact

Technical Lead Contact

Availability for booking

Approx. hourly charge (£)

UHV sputter system 

Mark Blamire

Nadia Stelmashenko



Dual-beam FIB

Jason Robinson,

John Walmsley



MBE chamber 

David Ritchie

James Aldous

1 Jan 2018


Thermal/e-beam evaporator 

David Ritchie

James Aldous

1 Jan 2018


Wafer scale AFM

Rachel Oliver

Fabien Massabuau



Ambient processing cluster tool suite

Henning Sirringhaus

Adam Brown

1 Aug 2018


Environmental XPS/UPS

Stephan Hofmann

Adam Brown

1 Nov 2018


E-beam lithography

Andrea Ferrari

Jon Griffiths



UV lithography suite

Michael de Volder

Nicolo Chiodarelli



In situ TEM suite

Caterina Ducati

Giorgio Divitini



3D X-ray CT

Graham McShane

Tony Dennis



Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Clare Grey

Adam Brown



Thermoelectric analyser

Henning Sirringhaus

Ekaterina Selezneva



HV/HF Test Equipment

Florin Udrea

Nishad Udugampola



MPMS, PPMS suite

Jason Robinson

Cheng Liu



Magnetic and thermal imaging System

Mete Atature

Helena Knowles



Wide bore magnet

John Durrell

Tony Dennis