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Professor Laura Diaz Anadon

Research themes


Understanding uncertainty in future cost and performance, water consumption of fossil fuel extraction technologies, including hydrofracking. Focus on the USA and China.

Nuclear Energy:

Analysing tradeoffs between different nuclear reactor designs (large scale Gen. III/III+, Gen. IV and small and modular reactors). Design dependence on policy decisions. Focus on the USA and European Union.


Understanding factors responsible for solar photovoltaics improvements over the past 4 decades, and what the future of different types of technologies may be depending on policy and other factors.

Policy, Economics and Risk:

Analysing the impact of different types of policies (including public R&D investments, specific R&D funding mechanisms, national laboratories, public procurement, public-private partnerships) on energy technology improvements and firm outcomes, with emphasis on startups. Incorporating technology uncertainty into different types of energy policy decision-making.

Estimating the value of different energy technologies. Understanding the relationship between expert survey design and expert background on technical expert’s expectations about the future of energy technologies—improving expert elicitation techniques.