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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Manufacturing research within the energy initiative is carried out across a number of departments and research groups at the University of Cambridge.

Research includes:

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction, un-photocopying, re-using steel and aluminium without melting, reduction of energy demand in paper-making using online optimisation and control, and monitoring and control of emissions in industrial processes using sensors.
  • Energy Efficient Industrial Processes, including hydrogen based low-energy methods for metal production and metal reclamation, novel reduction of metal oxides & electro-deoxidation for solar-grade silicon.
  • Recycling, including microwave heating and pyrolysis to process carbon-intensive forms of waste in more environmentally friendly ways; treatment of printed circuit boards to reclaim the components and all the metals; and an environmentally friendly way of recycling lead acid batteries.
  • Industrial sustainability, research into ways to enable industry and manufacturing to become more sustainable.


Some key centres and initiatives include:


We collaborate with industrial partners and are also actively involved in increasing both energy awareness and public understanding of the opportunities and challenges in manufacturing.


Please visit individual faculty profiles to learn more about their research in the Manufacturing theme.  

People specializing in this area

Principal Investigators

Dr. Paul  Barker
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr. Claire  Barlow
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Manufacturing - materials and processes, inter-relationships between processing parameters, mechanical properties and material microstructures
Dr. Adam  Boies
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Professor Howard Allaker Chase
Professor of Biochemical Engineering
MANUFACTURING - generation of energy from plastic wastes
Professor John  Clarkson
Dr Jonathan  Cullen
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
University Lecturer, Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure
Dr Michael  De Volder
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Professor Steve  Evans
Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability
Professor Lynn  Gladden
Executive Chair of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Professor Bill  Jones
Professor of Materials Chemistry
Professor R. Vasant  Kumar
Reader in Materials Chemistry
+44 1223 334327
Professor Jan  Maciejowski
Professor of Control Engineering
Professor Duncan  McFarlane
Professor of Service and Support Engineering
Dr Laura  Torrente
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Professor Andy  Neely
Head, Institute for Manufacturing
Dr. Ajith Kumar Parlikad
University Senior Lecturer
Deputy Director of the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory

Associate Members

Senior Commercialisation Associate
Innovation & Enterprise Project Officer
Engagement Manager
Mr. Jim  Platts
Senior Teaching Associate

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Visiting Researchers