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Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Tuesday, 26 March, 2024 - 12:30 to 13:30
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Are you eager to unlock the potential of your research and learn how to successfully commercialise your breakthroughs, but not quite sure where to go with it yet? Cambridge Enterprise can help you turn your ideas into reality!

This introductory session is designed for academics, researchers and PhD students based within the University of Cambridge who are seeking guidance on how to transform their research into viable commercial ventures.

In this 1-hour, online session, you’ll learn more about the commercialisation pathways available to you, including working as a consultant, forming a spin-out company and licensing research tools and intellectual property. Delve into the intricacies of protecting your intellectual property and gain valuable insights on disclosing your inventions to the University.

The event will include:

  • an introduction to intellectual property, with details on how to protect and license IP
  • the benefits of sharing your knowledge as a consultant
  • details of how to license research tools and what these include (reagents, software, copyright, database rights etc)
  • information on forming a spin-out company and how Cambridge Enterprise can help
  • a Q&A session