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Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Wednesday, 31 August, 2022 - 12:00 to 12:45
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If you’re an energy innovator you know how hard it is to bring your innovation to market. The Whole Energy Systems Accelerator (WESA) is a world-first energy innovation test and evaluation facility where you can learn about how your innovation interacts between homes, energy networks, and market & policy frameworks in real-time and across a range of potential future energy system and market scenarios. WESA can provide vital information about the behaviour of consumers in their homes and the way this behaviour interacts with technology, networks, policy, regulation, and commercial models – giving insight into the real-world benefits for consumers and ways to avoid creating new types of vulnerability.


What you will learn

Learn about the benefits of testing your product in real homes with The ESC’s Living Lab, the importance of taking a whole systems approach, and how WESA can help businesses like yours better understand the complexities of rolling out your innovation in the real-world. You’ll also learn about potential funding pathways that could help fund the test and demo of your great idea.

So come along and learn how we can help you make your idea the next big idea.