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Energy Transitions Research at the University of Cambridge

Wednesday, 1 September, 2021 - 09:00 to Thursday, 2 September, 2021 - 17:00
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This two-day Royal Society conference will bring together key stakeholders from across the building sector to highlight opportunities and challenges associated with unlocking building sustainability.

Over 170,000 new homes were built over the year ending June 2019 with a UK Government commitment to deliver homes that are high-quality, well designed and good for the planet. In parallel, the roughly 28 million existing homes use 35% of the UK’s total energy consumption and emit 20% of CO2 emissions. 

A recent CLC report indicates that the Government’s retrofit strategy will not meet net 2050 targets. Rapid interventions are required and will need a coordinated effort, system-based thinking, employing new and available technologies, and a roadmap to the upskilling of ~ 500,000 new professionals.

This Royal Society meeting will gather key stakeholders across the construction, energy, and materials sectors to discuss the technical, supply chain, regulation, and economic issues and interventions required to achieve net-zero targets for buildings by 2050.

Speakers will examine how the industry is functioning, explore systems-based approaches to building sustainability and highlight existing and emerging solutions within New Build and Retrofit, and examine the path to unlocking building sustainability in the UK. 

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