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Energy Transitions Research at the University of Cambridge

Tuesday, 5 May, 2020 - 09:45 to 17:00
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PROGRAMME (15 min talks + 15 min discussion)

There is no need to register; the workshop is open to anyone who has the Zoom links, and attendees are welcome to drop into whichever talks are of interest. 


9.45am to 12pm - MORNING SESSION

0945 to 1000: check-in and introduction


1000 to 1030: Ian Metcalfe (Newcastle) ‘Modification of solid-fluid interfaces in chemical applications’


1030 to 1100: Christian Nielsen (Queen Mary) “Organic-organic interfaces: Controlling polymer-dopant interactions at the molecular level”


1100 to 1130: Stephan Hofmann (Cambridge) "In-operando electron microscopy and spectroscopy to study growth and stability of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenide films" 


1130 to 1200: Greg Mutch (Newcastle) “Dendritic silver self-assembly in molten-carbonate membranes for efficient carbon dioxide capture”



1500 to 1530: Dragos Neagu, (Newcastle, now at Strathclyde) “Tuning perovskite functionality with exo-/endo-particles”


1530 to 1600: Beth Tennyson (Cambridge) “The influence of randomly textured surfaces on the local optoelectronic response in perovskite/Si multijunction solar cells”


1600 to 1630: Yu-Hsien Chiang (Cambridge) "Multi-source vacuum deposition of methylammonium-free perovskite solar cells". 


1630 to 1700: Alice Merryweather (Cambridge) 'Direct optical visualisation of single-particle phase transformations in lithium ion battery materials'


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