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Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Saturday, 26 September, 2020 - 13:30 to 14:30

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Cullen

Theme: Cambridge Zero, Science and technology


Resources is the name given to the energy and materials extracted from nature to satisfy the demands of modern society. By mapping resource flows, we can understand how efficient we are at transforming resources into useful things and identify what actions really make a difference for mitigating climate change.


Dr Jonathan Cullen, leads the Resource Efficiency Collective in the Engineering Department, and has a reputation for top-down studies of resource data, brings skills in developing new metrics to reflect both energy and material consequences of materials production. He has led a number of research projects with strong links to industry, including C-THRU: carbon clarity in the global petrochemical supply chain (US$4m, years). He is a Lead Author for the upcoming IPCC AR6 Industry Chapter, an Expert Adviser to the IEA TechnologyRoadmaps and co-authored the popular book Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open, which pioneered the concept of material efficiency for energy-intensive industries.


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This event is a part of the Cambridge Alumni Festival.


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