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David Eyton BP Technology Outlook

last modified Mar 24, 2016 09:59 AM
David Eyton BP Technology Outlook

David Eyton, Head of Technology at BP

On Tuesday 22 March  David Eyton, Group Head of Technology at BP, gave a lecture to a group of PhD students and staff in the Maxwell Centre, West Cambridge.

David Eyton gave an overview of the new BP Technology Outlook which shows how technology can play a major role in meeting energy challenges by widening energy resource choices, transforming the power sector, improving transport efficiency and helping to address climate concerns out to 2050.

The BP Technology Outlook is available online here and further details about Energy Economics, Energy and Natural Resources and Graduate Opportunities.



David Eyton Biography

As Head of Technology, David Eyton is accountable for technology strategy and its implementation across BP, and conducting research and development in areas of corporate renewal.  In this role, David sits on the UK Energy Technologies Institute Board.

Prior to this, David was BP’s Exploration and Production (E&P) Group Vice President for Technology.  In this role David was responsible for Research and Development, Technical Service Work, Digital and Communications Technology, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management for BP’s Upstream business.

David joined BP in 1982 from Cambridge University with an Engineering degree.   During his early career, he held a number of Petroleum Engineering, Commercial and Business Management positions.   In 1996, he was named General Manager of BP’s North West Shelf interest in Australia.  David later managed Wytch Farm in the UK and then BP’s Gas Businesses in Trinidad.  Following that assignment, David was Vice President of Deepwater Developments in the Gulf of Mexico.

David is a fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining and Institute of Directors.