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Energy Transitions Research at the University of Cambridge

Call: EPSRC - Faraday Challenge Batteries Research Institute - 1 September 2017

The EPSRC has issued a call inviting researchers interested in collaborating on and scoping research projects for the Faraday Challenge Batteries Research Institute.

Challenge areas that have been pre-identified by industry and academia as having the capability to be 'fast-start projects' to establish the core capabilities of this funding programme are; battery degradation, the all-solid-state battery with lithium and sodium metal anodes, multi scale modelling and circular economy/recycling. This call is expected to lead to breakthroughs in these four areas which will have the effect of establishing the UK as the world leader for leading battery research, of making UK industry more competitive (to deliver more jobs, investment and exports), and of attracting researchers and industry to base themselves in the UK.

Further details are available by clicking here.


Expressions of interest are required to be submitted by 16.00 on 01 September 2017 using the online form on the EPSRC page, and applicants will be invited to attend a workshop with the Research Institute Director and management team to scope potential projects in the four identified research areas. It should be noted that participation in the workshop event will not guarantee a role for participants on the subsequent research projects to be developed with the Research Institute.


If you are interested in the Faraday Challenge Batteries Research Institute please also register your interest with Energy@Cambridge by sending an email to: or