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EPSRC Networking Grant - The Centre of Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES)

last modified Feb 01, 2017 10:53 AM

The University of Cambridge has secured a £2 Million EPSRC Networking Grant, through the support of Energy@Cambridge. The Centre of Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES) is a partnership between four UK universities, Cambridge, Newcastle, Queen Mary and University College London and our industry partners. The focus of CAM-IES is on the development of advanced materials for energy conversion and energy storage based on solid-state, higher voltage, and flow batteries, solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), CO2 gas separation membranes, hybrid thin film photovoltaics (PVs) and large-area thermoelectrics for future renewable and clean energy systems. The overarching goal of CAM-IES is to help build a UK-wide community of cross-disciplinary materials researchers focused on energy applications. The grant application specifically referenced the Royce investment and provision is included for access to Royce facilities.

In addition to the Centre at Cambridge, EPSRC has also funded the Centre for advanced materials for renewable energy generation at the University of Edinburgh and the Centre for Multiscale tuning of interfaces and surfaces for energy applications at the University of St Andrews. The networking element will be shared between all three centres.