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Shell Future Energy Challenge Poster Winner Announced

Energy@cambridge is pleased to announce the winner of its Shell sponsored Future Energy Challenge Poster Competition held on the 22nd October 2014. The first prize of £250 was won by Michael Price, a graduate student and Winton Scholar in the Department of Physics, who presented on the power efficiency gain of Perovskite solar cells and lasers which will lead to cheap large-area solar energy generation. The runner-up prize went to Aliasger Haiderali, a graduate student in the Department of Engineering, whose work focuses on numerical modelling of monopiles for offshore wind turbine applications.

The prizes were presented by Andy Brown, Shell Director of Upstream International, who gave the 2014 Shell Lecture ‘Deploying Gas Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future’ held at St Catharine’s College. Andy Brown spoke about the long-term global energy challenges and how gas, engineering, innovation and technology will play a crucial role to tackle these. He looked at how various gas technologies have evolved, culminating in some of the largest and most exciting engineering projects of the day, giving examples including the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility being built in Korea, the largest floating facility man has ever built.