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Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Switch Off Week: 10–16 November

The University’s annual Switch Off Week, 10 - 16 November, will be all about working together to reduce the University’s energy use. World class research demands energy but we can all help keep the amount used to a minimum say the event's organisers. 

During the week staff are encouraged to join colleagues in switching off lights, and office and laboratory equipment to see how much can be saved. Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz said: “Switch Off Week gives us all an opportunity to think of how we can help reduce the University’s energy consumption. Reducing our energy bill does not mean we reduce our research capability. For most of us it simply means turning off the computer when we are not using it, or switching off the lights at the end of the day. Simple changes, made by enough people, can have a long and lasting impact.” 

Staff and students can also visibly show their support for greening their University by making energy saving pledges, as well as wearing a silly jumper to work to take part in Thermal Thursday. Those making pledge or wearing a silly jumper can also enter three competitions, sharing their photos and their ideas, to have the chance of winning prizes. 

Regular updates on energy consumption will be published on the Switch Off Week website so staff in buildings with half-hourly metering can see how much their building has saved during the week. In the week following all buildings will be informed how their consumption during Switch Off Week compared to the previous seven days.

The Environment and Energy Section are hosting, supporting and promoting a range of events throughout the week, click here to find out more.