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Energy Transitions Research at the University of Cambridge


Energy Transitions IRC has awarded small grants to six collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects each of value up to £2k, involving researchers working in different disciplines, on the theme of energy transitions. Financial support has been gratefully provided by the Isaac Newton Trust and Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG).

The projects supported are:

  • Investigating the socio-spatial distribution of energy infrastructure in formal/informal urban settlements in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Targeting building energy efficiency using high-resolution thermal infrared space telescopes
  • Gas bubble nucleation on micro-patterned (photo)electrodes for hydrogen generation via the photoelectrocatalytic splitting of water
  • Evaluating the impact of novel climate education resources for primary schools
  • A feasibility study - Preparation and characterisation of niobium tungsten oxide bronze phases to develop new and better electrodes for Li-ion batteries
  • An assessment of Ghana’s National Renewable Energy Policy of 2019