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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

How do we change the world for the better? Now more than ever we need people with vision and, importantly, the necessary skills to tackle the complex challenges we face.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship brings together people from across the world and across disciplines with a focus on improving the lives of others. Every year around 75 new scholars are selected to enrich the community and this year is no different.

The new scholars come from every corner of the world, including - for the first time - Libya and Nicaragua, and cover a wide span of disciplines and subjects.

This year’s cohort comprises 75 new scholars, studying areas from the impact of climate change on tropical biodiversity to how the circulation of conflict photographs shapes perception. Two scholars are part of the inaugural cohort for the PhD in Digital Humanities.

The 2024 cohort includes Uchechukwu Ogechukwu.

Uchechukwu Ogechukwu

is from Nigeria and is studying for an MPhil in Technology Policy. He is co-founder of Greenage Technologies, a project aimed at harnessing renewable energy to combat energy poverty and environmental degradation in Africa. He aims to leverage technology, education and policy to foster sustainable change in the African energy sector. 

He says: "I am passionate about sustainable development in Africa's energy sector and co-founded Greenage Technologies to combat energy poverty. With a background in technology from the private sector, I'm eager to explore technology's policy aspects and collaborate with the Gates Cambridge community to drive positive change."