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Energy Transitions Research at the University of Cambridge


On the 3rd March 2021, Professor David Cebon (University of Cambridge) presented to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on the role of hydrogen in achieving net zero.

Professor Cebon summarised the potential, the energy efficiency and economical cost for hydrogen-use in reaching net zero target. He provided evidence in the use of hydrogen for heating for niche processes. He also provided comparison of 'blue' hydrogen (hydrogen formed from methane) and Carbon Capture Storage, green hydrogen (hydrogen produced by renewable energy) efficiencies and direct electrification.

David Cebon is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium (Department of EngineeringUniversity of Cambridge). He specialises in energy consumption and carbon emissions from road freight vehicles. David contributed to the Cambridge Zero chapter "Investing in zero-carbon technology and a zero-carbon industrial transition" in the Green Recovery Report: A blueprint for a green future.


David has authored or co-authored more than 200 papers on dynamic loads of heavy vehicles, road and bridge response and damage, weigh-in-motion, advanced suspension design, safety, productivity and fuel consumption.

Watch the presentation to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee here. 

Click here for the full script.