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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Professor Clare Grey FRS has been awarded the ACS Central Science Disruptors and Innovators Prize. The award recognises those who advance central science through innovative research.

“I’m honoured and excited to have won this award – a wonderful recognition of not just me, but also the students and postdocs who have worked with me in both the US and the UK to make this happen,” said Professor Clare Grey. “It is also great to see my fundamental science being appreciated in this way.”

Grey, who is the Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson Professor of Chemistry in this department, is being recognised for her pioneering applications of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to materials, notably batteries, which have applications towards sustainable energy. One aspect of achieving this requires new battery technology for transport and storage which can charge and discharge faster, hold much more power, and last longer than current batteries.

During her career, Grey has developed methodologies to monitor the structure of batteries and how they change while they are operating, and used NMR to identify crystallographic sites for fuel cell membranes.

"This prize is further evidence, not that any is needed, of just how highly regarded Clare is on the international stage," said Dr James Keeler, Head of the Department of Chemistry. "Clare has shown time and time again how her deep understanding of the fundamental science leads to significant practical innovation in this very important area. Many congratulations to Clare for this fantastic award."

Original Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry article.