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Interdisciplinary Research Centre


Sustainable Chemical Technologies: intensive catalytic processes, multifunctional reactors, materials for catalysis, reaction engineering modeling

Assessment of Sustainability of Novel Processes: short-cut and LCA methods

Biofeedstocks for chemicals: bio-process integration, biorefining, bio-based supply chain


Key publications: 

P. Yaseneva, C.F. Marti, E. Palomares, X. Fan, T. Morgan, P.S. Perez, M. Ronning, F. Huang, T. Yuranova, L. Kiwi-Minsker, S. Derrouiche, A.A. Lapkin, Efficient reduction of bromates using carbon nanofibre supported catalysts: experimental and a comparative life cycle assessment study, Chemical Engineering Journal, 248 (2014) 230-241.

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A.A. Lapkin, A. Voutchkova, P. Anastas, A conceptual framework for description of complexity in intensive chemical processes, Chemical Engineering & Processing. Process intensification, 50 (2011) 1027-1034.

X. Fan, C. Franch, E. Palomares, A.A. Lapkin, Simulation of catalytic reduction of nitrates based on a mechanistic model, Chemical Engineering Journal, 175 (2011) 458-467.

S. Polisski, B. Goller, K. Wilson, D. Kovalev, V. Zaikovskii, A. Lapkin, In situ synthesis and catalytic activity in CO oxidation of metal nanoparticles supported on porous nanocrystalline silicon, Journal of Catalysis,
271 (2010) 59–66.

A.A. Lapkin, M. Peters, L. Greiner, S. Chemat, K. Leonhard, M.A. Liauw, W. Leitner, Screening of new solvents for artemisinin extraction process using ab initio methodology, Green Chem., 12, 2010, 241–251.

D.J.C. Constable, C. Jimenez-Gonzalez, A. Lapkin, Process Metrics, pp. 228-247. In “Green Chemistry Metrics”, Eds., A. Lapkin, D. Constable, Blackwell-Wiley, 2008.

Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering
Professor Alexei  Lapkin
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Carbon Capture and Storage