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Aliasger is a final year PhD candidate undertaking research aimed at understanding the load deformation behaviour of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines. This is a research area closely aligned to his interests in offshore geotechnical engineering, soil-structure interaction, numerical modelling and renewable energy.

He is also a chartered civil engineer with several years of experience in the design and management of infrastructure projects.



Soil-structure interaction

Numerical modelling

Renewable energy

New generation of offshore wind turbine foundations


Key publications: 

Haiderali, A., Cilingir, U. & Madabhushi, G. 2013. Lateral and axial capacity of monopiles for offshore wind Turbines. Indian Geotechnical Journal 43: 181-194.

Haiderali, A. & Madabhushi, G. 2015. Enhancing the lateral capacity of monopiles in sand using reinforced concrete footings. Proc. XVI European Conf. Soil Mechanics & Geotech. Eng., Edinburgh, UK.

Haiderali, A., Lau, B.H., Haigh, S.K. & Madabhushi, G. 2014. Lateral response of monopiles using centrifuge testing and finite element analysis. Proc. Int. Conf. Phys. Modelling Geotech, Perth, Australia, pp. 743-749.

Haiderali, A. & Madabhushi, G. 2013. Evaluation of the p-y method in the design of monopiles for offshore wind turbines. Proc. Offshore Technol. Conf. Houston, TX, USA, pp. 1824-1844.

Haiderali, A. & Madabhushi, G. 2012. Three-dimensional finite element modelling of monopiles for offshore wind turbines. Proc. World Congr. Adv. Civil Environ. Mater. Res. Seoul, South Korea, pp. 3277-3295.


PhD Student
Not available for consultancy


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