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Interdisciplinary Research Centre


My main areas of research are in the field of experimental aerodynamics and associated measurement techniques. Apart from shock wave/boundary layer interactions which I have studied for more than 20 years my current research includes the aerodynamics of micro-air vehicles, road vehicles, wind turbines and flow control for transonic aircraft wings and supersonic engine inlets. In particular, we are currently working on new ways to investigate (and improve) the aerodynamic drag caused by the underbody of road haulage vehicles.

  • Experimental Aerodynamics
  • High Speed Flows
  • Flow Control
  • Shock wave / Boundary Layer Interactions
  • Unsteady Low Reynolds Number Flows
  • Applied Aerodynamics:  Supersonic Inlets, Transonic Wings, Wind Energy, Micro-Air Vehicles, Vehicle Aerodynamics
Professor of Aerodynamics
Professor Holger  Babinsky
Not available for consultancy


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