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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Photovoltaic research within the energy initiative is carried out across a number of departments and research groups at the University of Cambridge.

Research in photovoltaics includes:

  • The physics of charge photogeneration, separation and collection from organic heterojunction solar cells, hybrid perovskite solar cells and solution-processed inorganic solar cells
  • Plasmonically enhanced solar cells, incorporate metal nanostructure with electromagnetic properties to improve all 3rd generation photovoltaics.
  • Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) use dye structure and nanoscale component properties to improve solar cell efficiency. 
  • Research to improve; efficient silicon production and solar cell design.
  • Investigation of nanostructured hybrid solar cells (non-silicon, all-oxide and oxide/organic hybrids) and, particularly CNT polymer solar cells for mobile applications.
  • Research of semi-transparent solar cells for windows includes low-cost fabrication on plastic substrates.
  • Algae as an energy source in biophotovoltaic panels.
  • Bi compound alternatives to Pb-based perovksites.
  • oxides in solar cells.

We collaborate with industrial partners and are also actively involved in increasing both energy awareness and public understanding of the opportunities and challenges in photovoltaics.

Please visit individual faculty profiles to learn more about their research in the Photovoltaics theme.  


People specializing in this area

Principal Investigators

Dr Alexander  Archibald
Lecturer in Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling
Professor Jeremy  Baumberg
Dr Jacqui  Cole
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Head of the Structure & Dynamics group, Cavendish Laboratory
Professor Laura  Diaz Anadon
Professor of Climate Change Policy
Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG)
Professor Judith  Driscoll
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Professor of Materials Science
Dr Rachel  Evans
Dr Shailaja  Fennell
Lecturer in Development Studies
Dr Adrian  Fisher
Member of Energy IRC Steering Committee
01223 763996
Professor Sir Richard  Friend
Director of the Energy IRC Steering Committee
Cavendish Professor of Physics
Professor Chris  Howe
Professor of Plant and Microbial Biochemistry
Professor Bill  Milne
Director of the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics
Head of Electrical Engineering
Professor Michael Andrew Parker
Professor of High Energy Physics
Professor Henning  Sirringhaus
Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics
Head of Microelectronics Group, Cavendish Laboratory
01223 337557
Dr Sam  Stranks
Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Associate Members

Senior Commercialisation Associate
Engagement Manager
Head Future Systems

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Visiting Researchers