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Interdisciplinary Research Centre
  • 31Aug

    If you’re an energy innovator you know how hard it is to bring your innovation to market. The Whole Energy Systems Accelerator (WESA) is a world-first energy innovation test and evaluation facility where you can learn about how your innovation interacts between homes, energy networks, and market & policy frameworks in real-time and across a range of potential future energy system and market scenarios. WESA can provide vital information about the behaviour of consumers in their homes and the way this behaviour interacts with technology, networks, policy, regulation, and commercial models – giving insight into the real-world benefits for consumers and ways to avoid creating new types of vulnerability.


    What you will learn

    Learn about the benefits of testing your product in real homes with The ESC’s Living Lab, the importance of taking a whole systems approach, and how WESA can help businesses like yours better understand the complexities of rolling out your innovation in the real-world. You’ll also learn about potential funding pathways that could help fund the test and demo of your great idea.

    So come along and learn how we can help you make your idea the next big idea.


  • 13Sep

    This event provides an opportunity for PhD and EngD students in the UK materials science and engineering company to come together and share ideas, network, and learn more about the move from doctoral study into a future career.

    The focus of the summit will explore the materials research required to enable the transition away from fossil fuels to a net-zero energy world, including wind turbines, advanced photovoltaics, electrochemical storage, nuclear power, and the requirements for green hydrogen generation, storage and use.

    This year, we are delighted to host the summit at the recently opened Royce Hub Building at The University of Manchester. Where possible, we will stream and record talks, and offer virtual attendance to the workshops.

    The programme will include invited speakers from academia and industry, but we want the focus to be on student talks that present their ongoing research in the field. We therefore welcome applications of interest from students wanting to delivering a short 15-minute presentation during the event. Royce will provide accommodation and reimburse travel for any accepted student presentations. All participants are also invited to submit a virtual poster ahead of the summit to be displayed on the Royce website.

    A full event programme will be available closer to the summit date.

    Further to the talks, networking opportunities will allow participants to meet peers from across the materials science community during breaks and lunch. A series of workshops will encourage discussion of the summit theme in more detail and offer advice on career development in academia, industry or beyond.

    When registering to attend please select the General Admission ticket and then indicate how you wish to attend. If you need to change your attendance, please email us using

    Due to limited capacity at the venue we may limit the number of in-person participants based on institution and instead offer virtual attendance.

  • 19Sep

    This one-day symposium will focus on the latest advances in the use of operando techniques to gain deeper understanding of the growth, processing, functionality and performance of novel energy and device materials. Organised by Prof Stephan Hofmann, University of Cambridge, Director of NanoDTC, and Prof Robert Weatherup, University of Oxford, Royce Research Area Lead for Electrochemical Systems, this event aims to build an interdisciplinary network of researchers working on operando and in-situ methods and related data analysis and computationally aided optimisation approaches. We welcome you to join the event in person or to participate online.