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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Energy consumption for digital processes and infrastructure is increasing due to increased grid electrification, self-driving cars, robotics, IoT devices, smart medical technologies, advanced cyber security, and digital entertainment. As well as high energy usage by digital processes and data centres globally, many digital applications use energy-intensive AI processes where the energy cost of training state-of-the-art AI models is increasing exponentially.

Research is underway at Cambridge to develop energy-efficient digital processes and systems to ensure efficient and reliable digital processes towards 2050.

Digital systems research covers: urban-scale energy simulation of built environments, computational modelling, optimisation, digital twins, digital monitoring, software system architectures, computational agents and low-energy computing.

Some key centres and initiatives include:


Cambridge GaN Devices energy-efficient GaN-based power devices

Paragraf Graphene electronic devices

nu Quantum high-performance quantum networks

Researchers working in this area:


Dr Ozgur Akan

University Associate Professor

Dr Jethro Akroyd

Senior Research Associate

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof Ross Anderson

Professor of Security Engineering

Dr Ronita Bardhan Associate Professor of Sustainable Built Environment
Prof Alastair Beresford

Professor of Computer Security

Prof Alan Blackwell

Professor of Interdisciplinary Design

Prof Ruchi Choudhary

Professor of Architectural Engineering

Dr Chiara Ciccarelli Harding University Lecturer
Prof Jon Crowcroft Marconi Professor of Communication Systems
Prof Gabor Csanyi

Professor of Molecular Modelling

Dr Ramit Debnath Assistant Professor Computational Social Science & Design
Prof Andrew Flewitt

Professor of Electronic Engineering

Prof Sir Andy Hopper

Professor of Computer Technology

Dr Jasmin Jahic Research Associate in the Computer Architecture Group
Prof Ying Jin Professor of Architecture and Urbanism
Prof Srinivasan Keshav Professor of Computer Science 
Prof Markus Kraft Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof Nic Lane  Professor of Machine Learning Systems
Prof Ian Leslie Professor of Computer Science
Prof Anil Madhavapeddy 

Professor of Planetary Computing 

Prof Andrew Moore 

Professor of Networked Systems 

Dr Xavier Moya Assistant Professor of Thermal Materials
Prof Nikos Nikiforakis Professor of Computational Multiphysics
Prof Richard Penty Professor of Photonics 
Prof Amanda Prorok Professor of Collective Intelligence and Robotics
Prof Andrew Rice Professor of Computer Science
Prof Phillip Stanley-Marbell Professor of Physical Computation
Dr Eiko Yoneki Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Li Wan Associate Professor in Urban Planning and Development