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Tort, Comparative Law, Jurisprudence, Economic Analysis of Law, Sociology of Law, Environmental Law, Climate Change Policy


Key publications: 


Hepple and Matthews, Tort: Cases and Materials (OUP) 6th Edition

Textbook on Tort (Butterworths)

Book Chapters

'Intentional Torts' in C. Sappideen and P. Vines, Fleming on Tort (Thomson-Reuters, Sydney, 2011) ch. 2 23-48

'Defences to the Intentional Torts' in C. Sappideen and P. Vines, Fleming on Tort (Thomson-Reuters, Sydney, 2011) ch. 5 87-115

'The House of Lords: Central Policy Issues' in A. Fitzpatrick (ed), The End of the Peer Show? (Constitution Society, London, 2011) 99-108

'The General Conditions of Unlawfulness' in A. Hartkamp, M. Hesselink, E. Hondius, C.Mak and C.E. du Perron (eds) Towards a European Civil Code 4th edition (revised and expanded) (Wolters Kluwer/ Ars Aequi Libri, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2011) 845-885

'On Optimism in Politics', in A. Duff (ed.), Making the Difference: Essays in Honour of Shirley Williams (Biteback Publications, London 2010) 157-167

'Parliamentary Reform', in R. Fox, The Reform Challenge: Perspectives on Parliament, Past, Present and Future (Hansard Society, London) 2010 39-45

'Centre: In medias res', in K. Hickson, The Political Thought of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats since 1945 (Manchester University Press, Manchester) 2009 173-177

"What is Social Liberalism?" in D. Brack, R. Grayson and D. Howarth Reinventing the State (Politico's, London)

"The Duty of Care" in K Oliphant et al Law of Tort (Butterworths Common Law Series) (Butterworths)

"'Economic Concepts: Markets and Prosperity', 'Economic Concepts: Welfare State', Rationality', 'Hobhouse', 'Rawls', and 'Weber'" in D Brack and E Randall Dictionary of Liberal Thought (Politico's Publishing Ltd)

"Energy: A sustainable non-nuclear future" in D. Astle et al Britain after Blair (Profile Books Ltd)


'Pecunia non olet' [2011] Cambridge Law Journal 499-501

'Libel: Its Purpose and Reform' [2011] Modern Law Review 845-877 The Backbench Business Committee of the House of Commons' [2011] Public Law 490-98

'The Cost of Libel Actions: A Sceptical Note' [2011] Cambridge Law Journal 397-419

'In the Theatre State' Times Literary Supplement 11 March 2011, p 23 'The Jackson Review: Lessons and Consequences' ch. 3 of K. Oliphant et al. On a slippery slope (Working Group on Civil Justice, 2011), 28-51

'The Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Act 2008' (2008) 8 Archbold News 6-10

Professor of Law and Public Policy
Professor David  Howarth
Not available for consultancy


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Environmental Law