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Interdisciplinary Research Centre


Professor Miles’ research interests lie in exploring the transitional pathways which might take us from today’s balance of energy demand and supply to that balance in future which will satisfy the conflicting requirements of universal provision, environmental protection, security, and affordability. Current themes are:

Energy Strategy: Peak Oil and other scenario scanning activities, including a watch on the development of unconventional fossil reserves and exploring options for low-cost solar devices in the developing world.

Energy Storage and Distribution: Developing massive, networked, heterogeneous electricity storage systems using small scale units installed at consumer sites and controlled remotely.

Transport: Exploring the potential to reduce urban emissions through the use of radical alternatives to conventional transport systems. Examples include the introduction of autonomous vehicles, on-demand bus services, and the use of city-wide real-time data to improve travellers’ options and reduce carbon footprints.

Electric Vehicles: Exploring the potential for electric vehicles to operate economically and reliably in the near future. Particular examples include the demonstration of electric buses operating under arduous urban conditions; the introduction of low-cost electric bus alternatives to tram and light-rail systems; the use of wireless charging systems to aid electric vehicle operations; the economic and infrastructural challenges of charge-on-the-move systems.

Director of Research in Transitional Energy Strategies
Professor John  Miles
Not available for consultancy