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Jin Zhang was previously Leverhulme Research Fellow at JudgeBusiness School. She had worked with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), where she conducted research for strategic business development in China. She participated in the UK-China Forum, and is a member of the China Project Study Group at the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Privatisation and corporate restructuring in transition economies; multinational companies in emerging markets; China's strategic industries and the implication for the global political economy; global value chain, especially in the aerospace, oil and petrochemicals, and beverage industries; energy security.


Key publications: 

Nolan, P. with Zhang, J. (2004) "The challenge of globalisation for large Chinese firms." In Nolan, P. Transforming China: globalisation, transition and development. London: Anthem Press, pp.233-296

Zhang, J. (2004) Catch-up and competitiveness in China: the case of large firms in the oil industry. London: Routledge.

Nolan, P., Zhang, J. and Liu, C. (2006) "Global business revolution, cascade effect and the challenges for catch-up for large indigenous Chinese enterprises [in Chinese: quanqiu shangye gemin, pubu xiaoying yiji zhongguo qiye mianlin de tiaozhan]." Journal of Peking University (Beijing da xue xue bao), 43(2): 132-140

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Nolan, P. and Zhang, J. (2010) "Global competition after the financial crisis." New Left Review, 64: 97-108

University Lecturer in International Business
Dr. Jin  Zhang
Not available for consultancy


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