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Professor Seffen is Professor of Engineering Mechanics at Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED), where he co-directs research in the Advanced Structures Group Laboratory. He is a member of the Civil Engineering Division, where he was Head of the Structures Group (2019 - 2022). He is an Official Fellow of Corpus Christi College, where he has been Director of Studies, undergraduate Tutor, postgraduate Tutor, Acting Tutor for Advanced Students, Deputy Senior Tutor and Acting Senior Tutor for the undergraduate cohort. Previously, he was Lecturer in Smart Structures and Materials in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMIST (1999-2001, now part of the University of Manchester) and Research Associate in the Engineering Design Centre at CUED (1997-1999). His PhD (1993-1997) was performed under the supervision of Prof. Pellegrino in the Deployable Structures Group. Keith Seffen read the Engineering Tripos at Cambridge University (1990-1993) and gained a first class degree. He was born, bred, and educated in Northern Ireland; at a local grammar school after passing his 11-plus selective entrance examination.


Professor Seffen's research considers how to conceive, manufacture and model shape-changing (morphing/transforming) structures for use in a variety of applications, from deployable mechanisms to multistable shells.

Professor of Engineering Mechanics
Dr Keith  Seffen
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