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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Heating and cooling materials includes those with thermal transport and conducting properties that can be harnessed for applications for temperature control in buildings and for industrial processes. Cambridge-led research into materials interfaces in semiconductors, thermoelectrics and caloric materials can enable development of future heating and cooling systems at a range of scales.


Some key centres and initiatives include:

Spin-out: Barocal A breakthrough for domestic and commercial heating systems.


Researchers working in this area:

Prof Sian Dutton

Professor of Physics and Solid State Chemistry

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof Chris Ford Professor of Quantum Electronics
Prof Sohini Kar-Narayan 

Professor of Device & Energy Materials

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof Neil Mathur Professor of Materials Physics
Dr Xavier Moya Assistant Professor of Thermal Materials
Prof Henning Sirringhaus Hitachi Professorship of Electron Device Physics