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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Manufacturing & transport materials, such as steel and cement, currently contribute over 15% of global CO2 emissions, and it is vital to reduce the energy consumption to manufacture the products and improve energy efficiency in order to reach net zero.

Research in Cambridge covers applications in transport, aviation, road transport, intelligent infrastructure materials, concrete, materials for extreme environments, vehicle aerodynamics, cement, turbo-heating, future propulsion systems, airframe-engine integration.


Some key centres and initiatives include:

Spin-out: Levidian producing hydrogen and graphene through the decarbonisation of methane

Researchers working in this area:

Prof Julian Allwood

Professor of Engineering and the Environment 

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa 

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Dr Nicholas Atkins University Associate Professor
Prof Holger Babinsky Professor of Aerodynamics
Prof Stewart Cant

Professor of Computational Engineering

Prof David Cebon

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof David Cole

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Prof Tim Coombs

Professor of Electromagnetism

Prof Jonathan Cullen

Professor of Sustainable Engineering

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof Vikram Deshpande

Professor of Materials Engineering

Prof James Elliott

Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science

Prof Tim Flack


Prof Norman Fleck

Professor of Mechanics of Materials (1997)

Prof Stuart Haigh Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Prof Cesare Hall Professor of Aerothermal Engineering
Prof Hugh Hunt Professor of Engineering Dynamics and Vibration
Prof Matthew Juniper Professor of Thermofluid Dynamics
Prof Markus Kraft Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof Janet Lees Professor of Civil Engineering
Dr John Longley Senior Lecturer
Prof Gopal Madabhushi Professor of Civil Engineering
Prof Epaminondas Mastorakos Hopkinson & Imperial Chemical Industries Professor of Applied Thermodynamics (1950)
Prof Allan McRobie Professor of Structural Engineering
Prof Campbell Middleton Laing O'Rourke Professor of Construction Engineering
Prof John Miles Director of Research in Transitional Energy Strategies
Prof Rob Miller Professor of Aerothermal Technology
Prof Graham Pullan Professor of Computational Aerothermal Design
Prof Michael Ramage Professor of Architecture and Engineering
Prof Keith Seffen Professor of Engineering Mechanics
Dr Hugh Shercliff University Associate Professor
Prof Malcolm Smith Professor in Control Engineering
Prof Howard Stone Professor of Metallurgy
Prof Nedunchezhian Swaminathan Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Paul Tucker Rank Professor of Engineering
Prof Glenn Vinnicombe Professor of Control Engineering
Dr Liping Xu Lecturer in Turbomachinery