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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

This area focusses on developing a range of advanced materials critical to improving the efficiency of energy generation, energy conversion, energy distribution, and energy storage processes. This includes electronic materials that can be used and to develop efficient next-generation devices with lower energy consumption. Examples include materials for solid-state batteries and redox flow energy storage technologies, spintronic materials for reducing power consumption in computing, and new materials and devices able to harness energy from the environment based on thermoelectrics and calorics. 


Some key centres and initiatives include:


Researchers working in this area:

Prof Emilio Artacho Professor of Theoretical Mineral Physics
Prof Mete Atature Professor of Physics
Prof Tom Bennett Professor of Materials Chemistry
Prof Daping Chu Nanjing Professor of Technology and Innovation
Dr Chiara Ciccarelli Harding University Lecturer
Prof Jacqui Cole Royal Academy of Engineering Research Professorship in Materials Physics
Prof Russell Cowburn Professor of Experimental Physics
Prof Judith Driscoll Professor of Materials Science
Prof Caterina Ducati Professor of Nanomaterials
Prof John Durrell Professor of Superconducting Engineering
Prof Jonathan Cullen

Professor of Sustainable Engineering

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee

Prof Erika Eiser Professor in Soft Matter Physics
Prof James Elliott

Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science

Prof Stephen Elliott

Professor of of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Dr Tijmen Euser University Associate Professor
Prof Rachel Evans

Professor of Materials Chemistry

Prof David Fairen-Jimenez

Professor in Molecular Engineering

Prof Andrea Ferrari

Professor of Nanotechnology

Prof Chris Ford

Professor in Quantum Electronics

Prof Lindsay Greer Professor of Materials Science
Prof Malte Grosche Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
Prof Tawfique Hasan Professor of NanoEngineering
Prof Stephan Hofmann Professor of Nanotechnology
Prof Stephan Hofmann Professor of Nanotechnology
Dr Ian Jacobs Royal Society University Research Fellow
Prof Stephen Jenkins Professor of Physical & Computational Surface Chemistry
Prof Hannah Joyce Professor of Electronic and Photonic Engineering
Prof Sohini Kar-Narayan Professor of Device & Energy Materials
Prof Markus Kraft Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof Neil Mathur Professor of Materials Physics
Prof Paul Midgley Professor of Materials Science
Prof Bartomeu Monserrat Professor of Materials Physics
Dr Xavier Moya Assistant Professor of Thermal Materials
Prof Rachel Oliver  Professor of Materials Science
Prof Mike Payne Professor of Computational Physics
Prof Richard Penty Professor of Photonics
Prof Chris Pickard Sir Alan Cottrell Professor of Materials Science
Prof Jason Robinson Professor of Materials Physics
Dr Siddharth Shanker Saxena Principal Research Associate
Prof Oren Scherman Professor of Supramolecular & Polymer Chemistry
Prof Suchitra Sebastian Professor of Physics
Prof Ashwin Seshia Professor in Microsystems Technology
Prof Henning Sirringhaus Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics
Prof Michiel Sprik Professor of Chemistry
Prof Florin Udrea Professor of Semiconductor Engineering
Prof Silvia Vignolini Professor of Chemistry and Bio-materials
Prof David Wales Professor of Chemical Physics
Prof Mark Welland Director of Research
Prof Andrew Wheatley Professor of Materials Chemistry
Prof Tim Wilkinson Professor of Photonic Engineering
Prof Dominic Wright Professor of Inorganic Chemistry