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Centre for Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastic Waste

This UKRI funded programme starts in early 2019 and establishes the 'Cambridge Centre for Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastic Waste'. The centre acts as a nucleus for a global network of partners and coordinates a range of Cambridge-based research projects to tackle contemporary challenges from the manufacturing of more sustainable materials to driving innovations in plastic recycling. This 18-month award leads the development of a sustainable plastics economy by understanding the local and global distributions of plastics, innovate alternatives to plastics and develop novel technologies for the utilisation of waste plastics. The Programme supports a series of workshops and a forum, as well as research projects to tackle key challenges to eliminate plastic waste.


The centre develops new projects with the following core objectives:

  • Sustainable feedstocks and materials as cleaner and more recyclable plastic alternatives
  • Models for understanding plastic flows through the UK economy, society and environment to improve the recovery of plastics
  • Service design methodologies to influence business behaviour
  • Innovate recycling approaches to recover the high energy-content of waste plastics by producing electricity with microbes and chemical fuels using sunlight

Research Programmes:

Overall Lead Principal Investigator: Prof Erwin Reisner, Department of Chemistry

Other Co-Investigators:

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