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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Communities are central to the discussions around a just energy transition and how societies promote good governance and engaged citizenship. There is a need to address global challenges, sustainable economic development and growth, especially in the global south. Cambridge also has research strengths in tackling housing, energy poverty and energy access issues through the lens of gender inequality, social practice theory and inclusive participatory methods.


Some key centres and initiatives include:


Researchers working in this area:

Dr Ronita Bardhan Associate Professor of Sustainable Built Environment
Prof Adam Branch  Associate Professor of International Politics Professor in Water Engineering
Dr Edoardo Borgomeo Associate Professor in Water Engineering
Dr Ramit Debnath Assistant Professor Computational Social Science & Design
Prof Shailaja Fennell  Professor of Regional Transformation and Economic Security
Dr Nazia Habib Associate Professor
Prof Ying Jin Professor of Architecture and Urbanism
Prof Charlotte Lemanski Professor of Urban Geography
Prof Emma Mawdsley Professor of Geography
Prof Jaideep Prabhu Professor of Marketing
Prof David Runciman Professor of Politics
Prof David Sneath Caroline Humphrey Professor of Anthropology of Inner Asia
Dr Mary Steane Associate Professor
Prof Koen Steemers Professor of Sustainable Design
Prof Minna Sunikk-Blank Professor of Architecture and Environment Policy
Prof Paul Warde Professor of Environmental History
Prof Bhaskar Vira Professor of Political Economy