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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

The Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre (CNEC) aims to develop a detailed understanding of the route to increased deployment of nuclear technology as a tool in the decarbonisation of the energy system. This includes investigating the effect of small and modular reactors and reducing costs by examining degrees of modularisation and novel supply chain configurations. This knowledge can be applied to real industry problems in criticality safety, shielding and reactor design, potentially reducing the time to market of new advanced modular systems down to integrated MW-scale micro reactor systems.

Some key centres and initiatives include:

Researchers working in this area:

Prof Ian Farnan Professor of Earth & Nuclear Materials
Prof Lindsay Greer Professor of Materials Science
Prof Geoff Parks Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Dr Nathan Read Assistant Teaching Professor
Tony Roulstone Affiliated Lecturer
Prof Stuart Scott Professor of Energy and Thermodynamics
Prof Eugene Shwageraus Professor of Nuclear Energy Systems Engineering
Prof Simon Taylor Management Practice Professor of Finance