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Dr. Adam Boies

Research themes


Our laboratory activities seek to understand aerosol phenomena within complex reacting flows in order to synthesize unique nanomaterial structures. Currently a major research effort within my laboratory is the synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from floating nanoparticle catalysts in a continuous high-throughput process for purposes of fibre spinning and mat production. The resulting CNT materials have unique thermal, electrical and structural properties, which are applied to a number of industrial areas. This work is conducted as a part of an international network based at Cambridge known as the Advanced Nanotube Applications and Manufacturing (ANAM) Initiative,


Our transportation research focuses on the evolution, dynamics and impacts of gas-phase nanoparticles and gaseous pollutants. Our work seeks to quantify the emissions from transportation sources and investigates solutions for emissions reduction.

Energy Efficiency:

Our energy efficiency research focuses on macro-level analysis of transportation to advancing low-carbon and low-emission transportation solutions. 

Departments and Institutes

Department of Engineering:

Research Interests

Advancing low-carbon and energy-efficient transportation solutions.  Macro-level research:

  • energy use and emissions within the transportation sector, focusing on the lifecycle analysis of vehicles and fuels.
  • The application of first and second law thermodynamic approaches to optimize the production of fuels. 
  • Determining how implementation of new vehicle technologies impact city-scale energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.


Experimental work:

  • The production of novel core-shell nanoparticles for catalytic applications, such as fuel cells and fuel production.
  • Gas-phase nanoparticle synthesis and measurement techniques of composite particle structures.


Adam is a member of the Energy Efficient Cities initiative.